The Millennium Star Book Awards  

New Contest Dates - January 1, 2012 - May 1, 2012

$500 Plus a Trip!

Millennium Star Publishing is happy to announce the Millennium Star Book Awards. Most of our authors are business professionals who use published articles and books as a way to enhance their current successful businesses. We assist with the process and in many instances our staff does the actual writing (ghostwrites) based on interviews and conversations. This past year, many of our newly published business authors requested that we host a book contest with the purpose to help draw attention to first time authors as well as young writers and illustrators.  While the contest was born with newer authors in mind - it is open to writers around the world, both novice and seasoned.

Also - please participate in our Free Peer Preview - five seasoned authors read your work and an opportunity to showcase your book on this website!

Receiving the Millennium Star Book Award does more than make you feel good. Our award tells the world that you have taken the time and made the effort to submit your work to scrutiny. Our seal on your book/s will open doors to interviews and press coverage and lend additional credibility to your writing career. In addition, we have quite an inimitable and valuable prize to offer - designed to excite, enhance and inspire your writing career.


*** Prizes ***

Grand prize: One winner will be chosen from all entries to receive the grand prize.

The grand prize winner will receive


                                        The Superstition Mountain Muse Package

First place:  A first place winner of all categories will receive

Second place: A second place winner of all categories will receive:

 Honorable Mention: One winner will receive:

"FIRST FIFTY" BONUS! - It pays to submit your entry as soon as possible because the first 50 entrants will be considered for our "FIRST FIFTY" drawing. 

The winner will receive 4 handmade pillowcases of his or her choice from our Charity Site - - plus we will send 4 additional pillowcases to a combat support hospital with the winner's name as the donor. That's a $160 value - to thank you for getting things done!

*** Contest Rules ***

Eligibility: The Millennium Star Book Awards are open to all currently published books from any country, regardless of the copyright date. We will accept self published books. We will accept entries published in a foreign language, but they must be accompanied by a complete English translation. Entrants must provide one copy of the original that clearly shows the date and name of the publication, and one copy of the English translation. The judges are not responsible to judge the quality of the translation; they will base their decision exclusively on the English language translation.

Contest Dates: January 1, 2012 - May 1, 2012

Postmarks & Deadlines: Entries for all categories must be postmarked by May 1, 2012, to qualify for the contest. Submissions postmarked after the deadline date will not be considered for an award, books will not be returned and entry fees will not be refunded.

Delivery:  Regardless of the delivery method you choose, we cannot “sign” for receipt of packages. It is the entrant's responsibility to package the entry carefully, so that no damage will occur in transit. Millennium Star Publishing will not assume responsibility for items that arrive damaged or do not arrive at all. If you wish acknowledgment of receipt of your entry, please include a stamped, self-addressed postcard or envelope with your entry.

Judges and Judging: All judges are chosen by the Contest Chair and his or her Committee. Entries are reviewed and judged independently by three professional Millennium Star Publishing members and their scores are averaged by the Contest Committee to determine the winner.  Our judging panel includes experts from the fields of editing, design, teaching, bookselling and library – all current and working in today’s book and magazine world. In order to retain fairness throughout this competition, the judges will remain anonymous. The Contest Chair has the right to make category changes as deemed necessary. The Contest Chair may also delete or combine categories if there are not sufficient entries. A minimum score of 85 out of 100 must be earned before a place will be awarded to the entrant, even if it is the sole entry in a category. If, in the opinion of the judges, no entry represents excellence within a category, no award will be given. Every entry will be read by the judges, whose decisions are final. Judging will be based on content, originality, design, and production quality.

Reason for Ineligibility: The entrant must comply with all rules. Deviation from the rules will result in rejection of an entry and loss of the entry fee. Entrants will be notified of disqualification in as timely a manner as possible. Entries and books will not be returned. Entry fees will not be refunded under any circumstances. Judges' decisions are final. Circumstances not specifically addressed in these rules shall be resolved by Millennium Star Publishing. No violent, sexually explicit, pornographic or other distasteful matter as deemed by our judges will be tolerated or considered and will be shredded upon receipt.

Award Notification: Award finalists shall be notified via the Millennium Star Publishing website and email on or about June 1, 2012. Prizes, seals, and award certificates will be mailed immediately following website/email notification. Grand prize travel and dates will be discussed and arranged between the grand prize winner and a representative of Millennium Star Publishing.

Profits: Profits from the entry fees go directly to the charity - SEWPORT OUR TROOPS - where we send handmade pillowcases to our military men and women overseas or to our local library to purchase new books - it's your choice. When a pillowcase is purchased for yourself, Sewport Our Troops sends an additional one in your name to a needy troop member in Afghanistan or to a wounded soldier in a combat field hospital.

*** Submission Guidelines ***
 We’ve made it easy. 

Entry Fees

 *** Categories ***

The Millennium Star Book Awards are divided into  a whopping 52 categories.  
Enter as many books as you like in each of the categories below. 
Enter single titles in multiple categories for greater judging exposure.



1.      Young Adult Author – age 18 and under
2.       First Time Author – any age
3.      Fiction - Novel
4.       Fiction - short stories/plays
5.       Fiction - History
6.       Biography
7.       Mystery
8.       Fantasy/Science Fiction
9.       Fine Art/Performing Arts
10.    Poetry  
11.    Autobiography
12.    Children's Books
13.    Multicultural/Cultural Diversity
14.    Humor 
15.    Computers
16.    Business/Finance/Insurance
17.    Medical
18.    Health/Diet/Nutrition
19.    Sports & Exercise
20.    Aging/Senior Issues
21.    Education
22.    Environment/Eco-friendly 
23.    Sales
24.    Fashion
25.    Home & Garden/Landscape
26.    Interior Design/Decorating
27.    Gay/Lesbian
28.    Government/Military
29.    Pets, Animals
30.    Coffee Table Books
31.    Psychology 
32.    Women's Concerns
33.    Relationships
34.    Religion/Spirituality/Philosophy
35.    Motivational/Self Help/Inspirational 
36.    Text Books
37.    Science & Technology
38.    Transportation
39.    Travel 
40.    Parenting
41.    Writing/Publishing
42.    Westerns
43.    Romance
44.    Nonfiction - History
45.    Other Nonfiction
46.   How to
47.   Food & Food Related 
48.   Native American
49.    General Interior - a smart category choice for illustrators
50.    General Cover - a smart category choice for illustrators
51.    General Photography/Illustrations - a smart category choice for illustrators
52.    Other General books




BOOK TITLE: ______________________________________________________________________  


ILLUSTRATOR(S): _________________________________________________________________

NAME OF ENTRANT:________________________________________________________________

PUBLISHER & DATE OF PUBLICATION_______________________________________________

WEBSITE: ________________________________________________________________________

EMAIL ADDRESS:__________________________________________________________________


MAILING ADDRESS :_______________________________________________________________

CITY __________________________________STATE __________________ZIP ______________

CATEGORY/IES ENTERED___________________________________________________________
EXAMPLE - list by category numbers, separated by commas: you could enter a children's cookbook in several categories: 45,73,95 - so that would be 
Young Adult Non-Fiction - Food Related - Children's Cookbook - more categories entered means more chances to win!


TOTAL AMOUNT DUE: $_________

The entry fee is $50 for the first title in one category, $40 per title for each additional title and/or $40 per category when one title is entered in multiple categories. All entry fees are per title, per category.

( ) Enclosed is a check or money order for $ __________________________________________

( ) BILL MY (Choose 1) ( ) MasterCard [ ] Visa ( ) American Express


Charge Card #__________________________________________ Security Code: _______________

Exp. Date ______________ Name on Card: ______________________________________________

*Complete Credit Card Billing Address if different from mailing Address:____________________________________________________________________________________


Authorized Credit Card Signature: _______________________________________________________________

[ ] (check here) I have read and agree to all the Millennium Star Publishing Book Awards contest rules as they appear on the website





  1. Entry Form - One form for each title - may include multiple categories per title per form

  2. Copy of one book per title

  3. Total payment - check, money order or credit card info

  4. Self addresses, stamped envelope if you wish to receive confirmation of receipt

Mail the Entry Form – Books – Payment or Credit Card Info:

Millennium Star Publishing
46 Chagrin Plaza #103
Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44022

Please carefully review all of the information above before making your submission. For additional questions please email us at the address on our contact page.



 Thank you for entering the Millennium Star Publishing Book Awards Contest

 Good Luck - and we'll see you at The Dreamweaver!

And remember to check out  our new Free Peer Preview - Great exposure - we read your books and furnish you a page on our website too!

Note: The winners of the Superstition Mountain Muse Package will be responsible for their own transportation to and from their location and the Phoenix airport, if arriving by plane. While we do not encourage any distractions, as this prize should be used to enjoy private inspiration time, one adult guest (over 21) may accompany the winner at the discounted rate of $50 per night, payable in advance, to cover additional meal expenses. (Rates are normally $125 - $200 per night) For health purposes, the enjoyment of future guests and to protect the fragility of the pristine desert landscape, The Dreamweaver is a non-smoking facility. No smoking, drugs, intoxication, parties or pets are allowed. Any guest or visitor must be approved by owners.

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