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We receive requests on a daily basis from authors who are looking for help in promoting their books. Our book contests are a great way to submit your work to scrutiny in the hopes of winning the prizes. But not everyone can be the grand prize winner. That’s why we initiated our Free Peer Preview. Unlike a book contest, everyone who submits a book is a winner. Five published and seasoned authors will read your book. Your book will then be assigned 0-5 stars based on 5 scoring categories. Regardless of how many stars your book receives, through our third party support, you still receive recognition and opportunities to enhance your marketing efforts, such as free inclusion on our website. Our volunteer authors will read all submitted books on an ongoing basis throughout the year. Additionally, you may submit as many books as you wish. Any book submitted for Peer Preview may also be entered into our current book contest and any book submitted for the book contest may be sent for Peer Preview.


Through this offer, everyone is a winner. We offer free readings of your book by 5 published authors, hence the name Peer Preview. You do not need to enter the Book Contest in order to submit your books for the free Peer Preview. Each book entry will receive a rating of 0-5 stars and will receive the following opportunities:

Books receiving 3-5 stars - Sample Millennium Gold Star foil seals, with the approval to purchase additional seals to affix to your books and to use for marketing purposes. The Millennium Gold Star Seal indicates that the book bearing the Millennium Star emblem is worthy of honor and comes suggested by Millennium Star Publishing, thereby increasing credibility, recognition and sales opportunities.  Foil imprinted labels will be available for purchase through the website. 

Books receiving 2-5 stars - A dedicated page on the Millennium Star Publishing website for at least 6 months where your book will receive a short synopsis, one image of you or the book cover, and a link back to your website or other trusted and Millennium approved site such as,, etc. if applicable. You are encouraged to link to our site and your specific page as well to optimize your online search engine visibility.

Books receiving 0-5 stars - Books submitted for Peer Preview may enter the Millennium Star Book Award Contest and will enjoy the advantage of a first reading. NO need to send any additional books either.  

Books receiving 0-5 stars - Upon completion of the readings, our peer judges will return the 5 books to Millennium Star Publishing, and we will offer those gently used books for sale on our website. This is just another way to give you added exposure. Proceeds from the sale of these books go directly to the charity, or to our local library for the purchase of new books. You can designate your choice on the submission form below.

Books receiving 0-5 stars - Peer Preview readings, judging, seal approval, free website page and promotion of your 5 books will occur within 30 days or less from the time we receive your submission, giving you a jumpstart on your marketing and promotion efforts. You will be on our website within 30 days of submitting your book.


The Peer Preview is free as far as any reading fee charges. Your one page on our website is free as well. Our reviewers are experienced and published authors with backgrounds in writing, editing, publishing, design, illustration, and book reviewing, who are interested in encouraging writers to write, therefore they are not paid. However, we do need to cover our mailing and packaging expenses to send five books to five different reviewers and then have them sent back to Millennium Star Publishing. We ship flat rate via USPS at a rate of $4.95, $5.20 or $10.95 each way, depending upon the size of the book. We will absorb any costs exceeding $10 per book for a round trip mailing. Therefore we require that you send:

5 copies of your book

Hard copy submission form - see below

$50.00 per distinct book title to cover some of our mailing expenses - You may mail a check, money order or 

pay online with a credit card


Judging is based on five categories based on the specific book genre, with the criteria set forth by our highly esteemed selection committee, and a scoring potential of 0-5 per category.  All final scores are the property of Millennium Star Publishing and details, comments, oral or written statements will not be made available to any award recipients, entrants, or other outside parties.

Your book synopsis for inclusion on your dedicated page on our website shall be written by you, with the understanding that we may edit for content, grammar, etc.

We will accept entry submissions by authors, illustrators, publishers, self publishers and agents as well as self published and small press titles, books without an ISBN, and galley/ARC copies, if final copy is not yet available.




BOOK TITLE: ______________________________________________________________________  


ILLUSTRATOR(S): _________________________________________________________________

NAME OF ENTRANT:________________________________________________________________

PUBLISHER & DATE OF PUBLICATION:_______________________________________________

WEBSITE: ________________________________________________________________________

EMAIL ADDRESS:__________________________________________________________________


MAILING ADDRESS :_______________________________________________________________

CITY: __________________________________STATE: __________________ZIP: ______________


Sewport Our Troops Charity (sends handmade pillowcases to United States soldiers overseas)  ________    

Our local library for the purchase of new books _______

Please include a typed short synopsis of each book submitted, along with the author/illustrator's personal bio and any other information that might be useful for your personal web page to be included on our website.


TOTAL AMOUNT DUE: $_________

The entry fee is $50 for each distinct title.

( ) Enclosed is a check or money order for $ __________________________________________

( ) BILL MY (Choose 1) ( ) MasterCard [ ] Visa ( ) American Express


Charge Card #:__________________________________________ Security Code: _____________________

Exp. Date: ______________ Name on Card: ___________________________________________________

*Complete Credit Card Billing Address if different from mailing Address:____________________________________________________________________________________


Authorized Credit Card Signature: _____________________________________________________________

[ ] (check here) I have read and agree to all the Millennium Star Publishing Book Awards contest rules as they appear on the website  

Additionally, I give my consent to allow Millennium Star Publishing to create, post and advertise a page on their website highlighting me and my book, as well as offering five (5) copies of my submitted books for sale on their website. Should I receive Millennium Star Foil Seals, I understand that they are for my use only on the specific book or books designated by Millennium Star Publishing.





  1. Entry Form - One form for each title

  2. Copy of 5 books per title

  3. Total payment - check, money order or credit card info

  4. Self addresses, stamped envelope if you wish to receive confirmation of receipt

Mail the Entry Form – Books – Payment or Credit Card Info:

Millennium Star Publishing
46 Chagrin Plaza #103
Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44022

Please carefully review all of the information above before making your submission. For additional questions, please contact us via email found on our contact page.

PAY ONLINE: $50 Per Book Title and mail your books and submission for separately.

 Thank you for submitting your work to the Millennium Star Publishing Peer Preview

Please also enter The Millennium Star Publishing Book Awards Contest for fabulous prizes!


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