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Life Matters - written by Robert H. Noe, CEO, MIllennium Benefits Group
As CEO of Noe and Associates, Bob and his staff specialized in the individual large-case market. He was elected president of the Morristown, Tennessee, Life Underwriters Association for four terms (1974, 1976, 1983, 1989) and has received NAIFA's National Sales Achievement Award and NAIFA's National Quality Award on numerous occasions.
In 1995, Bob co-founded Millennium Benefits Group Insurance Agency, Inc. and MBG Enrollment and Consulting Services with the desire to offer more life insurance to a wider, underinsured worksite audience. In this capacity, he has been a leading producer for several major life insurance carriers. Bob is also a Qualifying and Life Member of the Million Dollar Round Table, having been named to the Honor Roll and the Court of the Table.
In this book, Bob explains the various forms of life insurance and how to select the appropriate product for the individual worksite situation. He shares real-life stories that drive the point of the universal need for life insurance, how it keeps families alive and affects generations for a mere pennies on the dollar. The readers come away with the reasons why Life Matters.

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Winning at Worksite - written by Ronald Agypt, Senior Vice President, Combined Worksite Solutions, An Aon Company
As senior vice president of Combined Insurance Company of America, an Aon Company, Ron oversees elective benefit services for all national accounts. His responsibilities have included setting corporate strategy, operational performance, professional and management development, new products, value-added services, technical resource reporting, and national marketing relations.
Ron has 34 years of experience in the insurance industry. He has provided consulting and insurance services to organizations ranging in size from fewer than 100 to more than 200,000 employees. Having led more than 800 sales people by the age of 30, he is the youngest regional manager and vice president in the company’s 89-year history.
Ron is a frequent public speaker at many local, regional and national functions related to management skills and elective benefits, and his articles have been published in numerous magazines. He serves on the board of directors and heads the marketing committee of the Better Business Bureau of Northern Illinois, and also serves on the board of directors of the Biltmore Country Club. Ron and his wife, Kimberly, have three children, Christian, Brett and Tyler. They reside in a northwestern suburb of Chicago.
Ron talks about the complexity of a worksite case and how it consists of numerous clients. How do you make all parties comfortable and happy? Ron explains how to get all partners in worksite to work in harmony. These partners include: employees who buy coverage, employer, HR professional, payroll contact, enrollment firms, carrier, and the broker or consultant.

The Carriers' Perspective - written by Charles C. Baggs, FLMI, ACS, Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer, Allstate Workplace Division


Charles earned his master’s degree in business administration from the University of Georgia. In 1985, he joined American Heritage Life and in 1990 was promoted to senior vice president of administration and technology.  Charles continued in this role after the 1999 acquisition of American Heritage Life by the Allstate Corporation. The marketing name for American Heritage Life was changed to Allstate Workplace Division and in 2002, Charles was named executive vice president and chief administrative officer.  With his leadership, Allstate Workplace Division has leveraged technology, including a comprehensive electronic-enrollment strategy, to make it easier to do business. 
Charles is responsible for all aspects of Allstate Workplace Division’s operations, technology and home-office support, and develops and executes strategic plans to ensure that operations and technology support the company’s objectives and satisfy producer, client and policyholder needs.  He is the lead Champion of Six Sigma initiatives at Allstate Workplace Division. Charles is a member of the board of directors for American Heritage Life Insurance Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Allstate Corporation.  He is president of Concord Heritage Life, and a member of the board of directors for Concord Heritage Life Insurance Company and First Colonial Insurance Company, wholly owned subsidiaries of American Heritage Life Insurance Company. Charles and his wife, Claudia, reside in Jacksonville, Florida.

Charles gives readers the much needed inside scoop as to how to select a carrier and what makes for an ideal workplace case, both from the perspective of the carriers and agents. Charles delves into the carriers' tasks and responsibilities such as technology support, underwriting, the claims process, agent and policyholder service. The readers come away with a better understanding of the relationships between the carrier, agent, business owner and employee.

It Isn’t Sold Until it’s Enrolled - written by Christopher Bernardine SR., CES, Managing Director Employee Benefit Communications
Christopher Bernardine Sr. is the managing director of Employee Benefit Communications (EBC), a full-service benefits communications company. EBC specializes in helping employers recapture lost benefit dollars by communicating with and educating their employees about the full value of their benefits, thereby helping them fully appreciate their total compensation. At the same time, EBC partners with employers to fight the rising costs of benefits by helping them expand and enroll their current benefits. This is accomplished with an extensive portfolio of products and services that can be purchased or enrolled at the worksite.
Chris has dedicated more than 15 years to benefit communication and employee benefits and is a past board member of the Mass Marketing Insurance Institute and current advisory board member of the Workplace Benefits Association as well as a national speaker on voluntary benefits, recruitment and retention and benefit enrollment.
Chris takes an in-depth look at the various enrollment options, implementation strategies and the delivery of voluntary benefits. He offers insights into face-to-face enrollments, telephonic, web-based, one-on-one, group meetings and more and shows the reader when and how each method is best used.

Enrollers - Building An All Star Team - written by Susan C. Bianco, CLU, Benefit Enrollment Services, Inc.
Susan began her insurance career in 1982 with a focus in the mass marketing field.  In 1988, she founded Benefit Enrollment Services, Inc., a company that specializes in the communication and enrollment of voluntary payroll-deducted employee benefits.  Susan has been responsible for the successful enrollments of numerous major corporations headquartered in northern Ohio and has been a featured presenter on the topic of voluntary benefits at many national, state and local forums.  She has been published in Advisor Today and Life Insurance Selling and authored a continuing-education video program that is used by more than 60,000 members of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors.
Susan is a life and qualifying member of the Million Dollar Round Table and has achieved Court of the Table status for many years and Top of the Table in 2002.  She is also a member of many other professional organizations including the Mass Marketing Insurance Institute and the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA).  She served as a board member of the Cleveland Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors from 1993 to 1999 and completed her term as president in 1998, when she was also awarded the prestigious Third Life Award. Susan served as a trustee for NAIFA-Ohio from 1998 to 2000. In 2004, she was re-elected and is currently the organization’s vice president.
In 1997, Susan was named one of the Top Ten Women Business Owners of Northeast Ohio by the National Association of Women Business Owners and was featured by Crain's Cleveland Business as one of Cleveland's "Women of Influence."  In 2002, she was named one of the 500 Most Successful Women in Northeast Ohio by Northern Ohio Live magazine.

Susan outlines a comprehensive guide to building a professional enrollment team. The reader learns how to identify the traits inherent in a quality enrollment counselor and the necessary steps required for training and development.

Rounding Out the Benefits- written by Frank J.  Dallago III, Director of Shared Services, Trion

The satisfaction of Trion’s FSA and COBRA clients is the focus of Frank Dallago’s role as director of shared services. He is responsible for enhancing the operations that serve these clients by implementing new systems and processes and effectively deploying staff. Before joining Trion in 2007, Frank spent more than four years enhancing the operations at AmeriFlex, LLC, as its chief operations officer. There, he successfully managed FSA and COBRA operations through the development of procedures, processes and systems.
Many companies are still unaware of the advantages to both the employer and employee of offering a flexible benefit program, while others have misconceptions about this benefit. Frank gives the reader an in depth view and understanding of how these plans work. Readers come away with an appreciation for how flexible spending accounts are a cost-effective offering that helps to recruit and retain quality employees, while rounding out a comprehensive compensation and benefits package.

Disability Insurance: Marketing the benefits of cost control and absence management - written by 
Neiciee Durrence, Vice President, Voluntary Practice & Product Management, Unum


Neiciee is vice president of voluntary practice and product management for Unum in Chattanooga, Tennessee.   In this capacity, she is responsible for coordination of the crossfunctional management team focused on voluntary benefits growth and profit objectives, as well as product development activities supporting the group life and voluntary benefits portfolios.
Neiciee joined the former Provident organization in 1984 and has served in a variety of roles in sales, customer service, marketing and product development.  In 1999, Provident and Unum merged, and now conducts business under the Unum brand.  Over the course of Neiciee’s career, the company has enjoyed significant growth in the worksite market, emerging as a leader in voluntary employee benefits.  Unum is recognized for its strength in benefit communication and enrollment technology via (which was initially developed under Neiciee’s leadership), as well as the streamlined customer acquisition and ongoing administrative support employers and employees demand.
Neiciee is an active member of various industry organizations including the Mass Marketing Institute (current board member), NACII (former board member), Workplace Benefits Association, VEEB (former board member), and the LIMRA Worksite Advisory Committee.  She frequently participates as a guest speaker at industry events and has published articles in select trade publications including Broker World, National Underwriter and Advisor Today.
To understand why worksite disability benefits have a vital place in today’s employee benefits marketplace, it’s important to look at the economic trends and demographic changes that are having a significant impact on employers. Neiciee gives the reader a first hand look at the future of this important benefit.

Total Benefits- written by TJ Gibb, Senior Vice President, Marketing, KMG America Corporation
TJ Gibb is the senior vice president of marketing for KMG America Corporation, a member of the Humana family of companies.  KMG America is a progressive insurance carrier that packages group and voluntary benefit solutions.  TJ is responsible for product development, corporate communications, branding, advertising, benefit communication, enrollment technology and web site development. 
Prior to joining KMG America, TJ worked for ING Employee Benefits, where he was vice president of worksite marketing and association sales. TJ is active in various insurance industry organizations and serves on the board of directors as treasurer for the Mass Marketing Insurance Institute (MI2).
He earned a bachelor of arts degree in business administration with a concentration in financial management at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota.  He currently lives in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, with his wife Holly and two children, Trevor and Marissa.
Today, many forward-thinking benefit advisors are having discussions with their employer clients about all of their employee benefit needs, or their “total benefits.”  Total benefits refers to the complete package of employee benefits and corresponding services offered by employers. TJ helps the reader to see that once the employer-paid benefits are determined, there will likely be some gaps in coverage.  The next logical question is, “What products are needed to complement the employer-sponsored plans?”  This is where voluntary benefits come in and this chapter explains the process.

Demographics Say It’s Time For LTCI - written by Carroll Golden, CLU, CHFC, CMFC, CLTC, LTCP, CASL, CBC, ALMI, Vice President Sales & Marketing
Transamerica Life Insurance Company, Long Term Care Division
After years of study at the Sorbonne in Paris, Carroll entered the professional world as an international translator. She continued her studies in Reims, France, and then took to the road, traveling to more than 64 countries, where she experienced many different ways of life. She later worked with a New York City law firm where she specialized in the translation of estate law. There, she gained valuable insights into how different customs and traditions influence governments and businesses.
Carroll has taught continuing-education classes and has authored numerous articles. She has specialized in group/worksite long-term care insurance and for several years contributed a monthly column about worksite long-term care insurance (LTCI) to Benefits Selling magazine. Carroll gained brokerage and field perspectives working with a national LTCI distributor and acquired home-office experience as director of business development for a national LTCI carrier.
Currently, Carroll is vice president of sales and marketing at Transamerica Life Insurance Company, LTCI Division located in Bedford, Texas, and is an active member of the Society of Financial Service Professionals, for which she previously served as the New Jersey chapter’s president. She also served as chairperson for the Society of Actuaries Fifth Annual Intercompany LTCI Conference and currently serves on the board of directors of the Intercompany LTCI Association.
Carroll deals with the challenges and rewards of selling LTCi at the worksite. It covers the evolution of the product and brings it upfront to today's diverse needs. Carroll outlines the elements necessary for a successful enrollment, shares the pros and cons of selling LTCi as part of a suite or as a stand-alone benefit, and shares secrets and tips to help the reader sell better and smarter.

The Rewards of a Core Benefit Enrollment - written by Chris Guckert, Managing Partner, Impact Enrollment Solutions
Chris began his insurance career in 1987.  He managed and coordinated every phase of Aegon/Monumental Life Insurance’s worksite division, including marketing, enrollment, product development and division management.  As vice president of worksite marketing, Chris played a key role in the integration of several worksite divisions within Aegon, as well as the integration of Transamerica.
In 1999, Chris started Worksite Resource Group, a company that specializes in benefit communication and enrollment services.  His experience and extensive knowledge of the worksite market has enabled the company, now known as Impact Enrollment Solutions, to become one of the leading enrollment firms in the country. 
Chris speaks at industry related conferences such as MI2 and CLU, contributes articles to Life Insurance Selling, is an active advisory board member for several leading worksite carriers, participates in numerous industry related study groups, and has continued to be a leading producer for many major worksite companies.
Chris delves into the relationships, roles, risks and rewards involved in a core benefit enrollment. Chris discusses the importance of employee access and shares four 'access busters' to help the employer feel comfortable with the process. The reader comes away with an understanding of everyone's goals, including the employer, employees, broker, carrier and enrollment company and how to best reach and satisfy those goals to create a successful core benefit enrollment.

Legal Plans: A Critical Component of the Employee Benefits Package - written by Robert L. Heston, Jr., President and CEO, Legal Access Plans, L.L.C.
Robert is president and CEO of the Legal Access Companies, and has more than 25 years of legal plan administration and law firm management experience.  His area of expertise is client-driven service excellence practices and efficient law office technologies that increase the reach and value of legal services provided to employees and legal plan members worldwide.  Robert is a member of MI2 and is a licensed attorney in Texas and California. He is also a lawyer licensed in Texas and California and resides and works in Houston, Texas with his wife Lisa and two children Bobby and Jackie.
Bob provides an overview of the different types of legal plans with a focus on how to analyze and select the right legal plan, along with how to determine the network coverage and what type of attorneys participate in the plan. Bob helps the readers make the connection between legal plans and life and disability insurance sales.

Worksite Administration - Best Practices - written by Marion Holloway, Vision Financial Corporation  
Marion Holloway, Vision Financial Corporation
Marion has more than 17 years of worksite marketing experience with Vision Financial. She began her career as a case coordinator and later became the supervisor of the case coordination department. In 1998, Marion moved into her current position as manager of client relations. In this role, she serves as a primary contact for the company’s insurance carrier clients and contributes to the company’s marketing initiatives.
Marion and her co-author Jay Pettapiece reveal the nuances of worksite administration by explaining why a partnership between sales and administration is crucial to a successful worksite strategy.
They give the reader a high level overview of 'best practices' when it comes to case set-up, new business, deductions and billing, customer service and claims. They successfully bring the back-room mystery to the front of the line, where it belongs.

Limited Medical Plans - Protected by the 10 - written by Jason Krouse, Chief Marketing Office, Cost Containment Group
Jason received his JD (Juris Doctor) Degree from Nova Southern Shepard Broad Law center in 1997.  During Law School Jason was one of the founders of Legal Club of America, a national discounted legal referral company, where he served as Executive Vice President and was appointed Director in 1998.  Jason assisted in taking the company public in the late 90's.
After Legal Club, Jason served as the Executive Vice President, SR VP of Sales of National Accident Insurance Underwriters and National Accident Insurance Consultants. NAIU, created in 1971 was one of the nation's largest Special Risk MGU's.  Jason, along with other SR Executives of NAIU and NAIC purchased the assets of the organization.  In December of that same year, Jason and other SR Executives at NAIU and NAIC merged the recently purchase company with 2 companies out of New York, United Health Programs of America and Patriot Health, companies focused on controlling cost in the health care market. 
Jason presently serves as the Chief Marketing Officer of Cost Containment Group where he runs the sales and marketing for United Health Programs of America, Patriot Health, Ocean Consulting Group .  All CCG companies are focused on the delivery and communication of voluntary benefits to employee's, Association members, Financial Institutions and Affinity Groups.
Jason has extensive experience in the offering of non-traditional and traditional voluntary plans through the worksite and association marketplaces.  His pride and joy is his wife Nicole, son Zachary and daughter Jadyn.  Jason is the Immediate Past President of the Mass Marketing Insurance Institute (MI2) and sits on the Board of the Benefit Marketing Association (formerly NAPES)

Jason discusses the essential elements of the development, service and administration of Limited Medical plans and other Medical programs geared to this marketplace. The reader gains a better understanding of the Limited Medical marketplace, from a historical and forward looking perspective.  The reader also gains a better perspective on the successful introduction and enrollment of this is highly requested benefit.  In addition, he helps better educate a marketplace that lacks the true experience in understanding the policy limitations of these programs, the compliance issues and administration issues.

How Technology Can Increase Your Worksite Sales - written by Jordan K. Nadel, President, Falcon Technologies, Inc.
Jordan has more than 20 years of insurance industry experience in agency and home-office environments. In these capacities he has been involved with the development and implementation of numerous software solutions that have impacted many segments of the insurance industry. Jordan is the president of Falcon Technologies, Inc. and oversees the development and marketing of the company’s electronic-enrollment and benefit-communication systems.  Since 1997, more than $400 million of individual life insurance and health insurance premiums have been written using these systems.
From 2003 to 2004, Jordan served as the president of the Mass Marketing Insurance Institute, and has authored articles in national insurance industry publications on the subject of electronic enrollments.  In 2007, he was honored with the Harlan Sher MI2 Member of the Year award for his numerous contributions to the institute.  He and his wife Kathy have been married for 14 years and have three sons.
Jordan answers the question, "Do electronic enrollments increase worksite sales?"  With a resounding, "YES", Jordan explains how insurance carriers and enrollment firms can utilize electronic enrollment technology to maximize their worksite marketing sales and dramatically improve their back-office efficiencies.

The Importance of Benefit Communication - written by Louis J. Pantalone, Executive Vice President, Univers Workplace Benefits
Lou is the executive vice president for Univers Workplace Benefits, with a primary focus on integrating a shared-service strategy for Univers’ three service centers and carrier relationships.

As one of the original co-founders of Custom Benefit Programs, Inc. (now known as Univers Workplace Benefits), Lou was instrumental in the development of Univers’ ResourceOne communication and enrollment platform, known as the leading technology platform in the industry. Under his guidance, Univers has received numerous industry awards for quality service and voluntary benefit production.  With more than 15 years of experience in the benefit communications and enrollment industry, Lou has managed and coordinated every phase of the enrollment process. He resides in Hammonton, New Jersey, with his wife JoAnn and two daughters, Amy and Ashley. 

Lou introduces the reader to the importance of benefit communication.  His overview recommends time tested methodologies for success as well as best practices for pre-communication campaigns, enrollment strategies and post enrollment data administration.

What Is It We Really Do? - A letter to the readers & Why Product Selection Matters
Michael D. Perna, President and Founder, Voluntary Benefits Specialists, LLC
Michael founded Perna and Associates in 1984 in New Jersey. The agency sold auto, homeowners and individual insurance policies for Prudential Insurance Company. In 1990, Michael expanded into worksite and, along with three partners, founded a new company, Custom Benefit Programs. From 1990 to 1994, he served as CEO. Michael enrolled many casinos in Atlantic City and Mississippi before moving to Las Vegas in 1994 to start his second enrollment company, Employee Benefit Communicators (EBC, INC). Serving as president from 1994 to 2006, he enrolled many high-profile accounts including Wyndham Hotels, Hard Rock Hotel, Cummins Atlantic, TGI Friday's, Krispy Kreme and Hollister Inc. In 2007, Michael made a commitment to travel less and founded Voluntary Benefits Specialists, LLC (VBS, LLC) to develop the local Las Vegas market.
Michael's letter takes a look beyond the products we sell and the processes involved in what we do. It brings to light the importance of what we do. It serves to remind the reader how the few minutes we spend with an employee at their workplace can change their lives and that of their families should a crisis occur such as a disability, accident, cancer or heart attack.
Michael discusses the significance of proper product selection and gives specific tips and thoughts on evaluating products based on the needs of the employee group. Readers gain inside knowledge on how best to present the products to the employers and employees while keeping in mind, what it is that we really do.

Worksite Administration - Best Practices - written by Jay Pettapiece , Vision Financial Corporation
Jay co-founded Vision Financial Corporation in 1989. When forming this company, Jay drew from his distinguished career in the insurance industry as well as his experiences as senior vice president of marketing for Maine Fidelity Life Insurance Company, one of the best service organizations in the worksite industry. Jay is a career insurance executive who knows the payroll deduction business from every perspective. He spent 15 years in various field management positions for Aetna Life and Casualty and was vice president of mass marketing at Liberty Life Insurance Company prior to joining Maine Fidelity Life. Jay has served on the Greater Keene Chamber of Commerce board of directors and is their past president.
Jay is also past president of the Mass Marketing Insurance Institute and was presented with the Ancy Pinnacle Award for his distinguished service to the insurance industry in 2007. He was inducted into the Benefits Marketing Worksite Marketing Hall of Fame in 2005.
Jay and his co-author Marion Holloway reveal the nuances of worksite administration by explaining why a partnership between sales and administration is crucial to a successful worksite strategy.
They give the reader a high level overview of 'best practices' when it comes to case set-up, new business, deductions and billing, customer service and claims. They successfully bring the back-room mystery to the front of the line, where it belongs.

Re-enrollments - written by Mark Petro, New York Life Insurance Company

Mark began his career as a high school teacher and also as a volunteer teacher to disadvantaged students. He moved to the financial services industry as a licensed insurance agent in 1987 and signed his contract with New York Life in 1989. He is also a Registered representative for NYLIFE Securities, Inc.
Mark specializes in worksite marketing within retail environments with a heavy emphasis on re-enrollments. His extensive knowledge of voluntary life insurance benefits coupled with his outstanding policy persistency, positions him as a mentor to New York Life agents.  In 2006 he was asked to teach New York Life's sales trainers in Dallas, Texas as well as consult for the selection of voluntary payroll deducted products for New York Life. Mark has been awarded the prestigious Ben Feldman Life Award of Excellence.  He is also a Qualifying and Life Member of the Million Dollar Round Table as well as a multiple recipient of NAIFA's National Quality Award, NAIFA's National Sales Achievement Award and New York Life's President's Council Award.
Mark shares his wisdom about the advantages of the annual re-enrollment opportunity and why it is important to the employer, employees and the agent. He offers his proven techniques and processes; how to review prior coverage, how to increase coverage, how to engage new hires, what to bring, a sample presentation and much more. The reader comes away with new knowledge and the excitement to re-kindle old accounts.

The Service Samba - written by DC Redic, DC Redic, Consulting
David C. Redic, an electrical engineer and licensed insurance agent, has worked with computers since 1971.  Redic has served as a consultant to, and written software and training manuals for, engineering, real estate and insurance firms for over 30 years.  In addition, Redic has taught adult learners the fine art of software manipulation at corporate and career training centers.  He also produces the highlight film for the local high school basketball team each year.
Dave allows the reader to 'listen in' on a client phone call as it takes various twists and turns through the servicing loop. Dave highlights the importance of maintaining complete and accurate in-house data, using several systems, in an effort to show the reader why proper file maintenance is crucial to running a successful worksite business.

Critical Illness - written by Robert S. Shestack, CES, National Practice Leader: Voluntary Benefits, Trion
Rob Shestack, CES, is the voluntary benefits national practice leader for Trion, one of the nation's largest privately held employee benefits firms. Prior to joining Trion, Rob was senior vice president of strategic development for Univers Workplace Benefits where he developed several proprietary voluntary benefits as well as innovative benefit enrollment strategies.
A 20-year veteran of the industry, Rob has a bachelor's degree in actuarial science and is a resident expert on Section 125 and ERISA compliance. He currently serves on the executive committee and advisory board for the Workplace Benefits Association and has been nominated as president-elect and will lead the association in 2010. Rob and the businesses he has managed have won numerous awards, including two Philadelphia Business Journal Awards and a Wharton Business School Award. In June 2007, Rob was featured on the cover of Benefits Selling Magazine and has been published numerous times on various topics such as voluntary benefits and ERISA compliance. Organizations such as the United Way have recognized him for his charitable and community service. Rob and his wife, Debbie, have two children, Brianna and Kyle. They reside in Southern New Jersey near Philadelphia .
Rob explains how critical illness programs are becoming one of the leading voluntary benefit programs offered to America 's workforce as well as also becoming the 3rd leg of the stool relative to employer paid core programs: employer paid group term life, LTD programs and critical illness coverage. 

Rob discusses the value proposition of why critical illness coverage is important even with comprehensive major medical programs. He illustrates how employers are utilizing critical illness programs for many different reasons, such as supplemental coverage for increasing deductibles and co-insurances as well as the next generation of employer provided core insurances along side of life and disability programs.  
Rob also tells his personal tragedy which illustrates a complete perspective on the ultimate value of critical illness coverage. A true heartfelt story!  

Discount Medical Cards - written by Terry Tullo, President, New Benefits Ltd.
After 18 years with Xerox and Apple, and two years as executive director of a 35,000-member non-profit association, Terry joined New Benefits in 1995 and was promoted to president in February of 2000. New Benefits is a privately held company with more than 100 employees that wholesales and services customized discount health and insurance benefit programs.
As president, Terry takes a hands-on approach to managing the operation and, in order to maintain its distinguished culture, is actively engaged in the hiring and development of New Benefits' employees.  As consumer-driven health care continues to evolve, she promotes the concept and the role discount medical programs play through various speaking engagements and published articles.  After New Benefits’ April 2007 acquisition of, an Internet insurance quoting and enrollment company, Terry's global focus is to identify and build relationships with organizations that require a fully integrated single-source platform for discount and insurance benefits. She is passionate about delivering flexibility and responsiveness and is well known for creating and implementing the acclaimed quarterly "Dare to Dazzle" program that teaches the practical and philosophical aspects of how to "Wow!" clients and members.
Terry discusses the role discount medical cards play in a consumer driven market and the characteristics of companies (both large and small) that comprise those who effectively and creatively lower healthcare costs without penalizing or cost sharing with employees.

Wellness at Work  - written by Marie J. Killian, J.D.  IHPM Practice Leader, Trion
Marie is the Integrated Health and Productivity Management Practice Leader at Trion. She is responsible for developing strategies that integrate data and services across the areas of health, absence, disability and organizational health. With more than 20 years of experience with long-term and short-term disability, workers compensation, absence management, and the Family and Medical Leave Act (since its enactment), Marie works to help employers create strategies that balance employer, employee and financial outcomes. 
A graduate of Temple University Law School, Marie earned her Juris Doctor degree and served as an editor of the Temple Law Review.  She has been a speaker at Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS) conferences on the topics of absence management and integrated disability and has taught Certified Employee Business Specialist (CEBS) Program courses.
Marie discusses why there is an increasing need for employers to implement wellness initiatives today. She explains the Best Practice components in a traditional wellness program and the steps the reader should take to get started.  She also describes what an employer can expect in terms of a return on investment and introduces the concept of managing health and disability in order to improve productivity.

A Word from the Top -  written by Marvin H. Feldman, CLU, ChFC, RFC, president and CEO of the LIFE Foundation.

Marvin shares his thoughts on the importance of worksite marketing.

Marvin, the 2002 President of the Million Dollar Round Table, has been one of the MDRT’s outstanding leaders. During his 32 years as a member of this international organization, he has served on numerous committees, including five years on the Executive Committee. Among his many achievements, Marvin has qualified 25 times for the Top of the Table, has served on its board and as the TOT Chairman. He was also honored as the Circle of Life recipient in 2004 by the Million Dollar Round Table Foundation in recognition of his community and industry leadership.
Active in the industry, Marvin has served as the Secretary of the New York Life Agent’s Advisory Council, is a member of the Financial Planning Association, the Society of Financial Service Professionals and the Association for Advanced Life Underwriting. He has contributed articles to many professional journals and has been featured in several books. Marvin is listed in Who’s Who in Business and Finance and Who’s Who in the World and is currently the president and CEO of the LIFE Foundation.

Enrolling With Style - written by Patricia J. Redic, President, Succeed With Style
Pat began her insurance career with a major life insurance carrier in 1992 and sold life insurance and annuities as a registered representative. Early in her career she began to specialize in worksite marketing and was asked by her carrier to create their voluntary payroll deduction training video. While selling, and training agents for the company, she also co-founded Millennium Benefits Group, a national employee benefits company.
As president of Millennium Benefits Group, Pat continues to oversee the daily operation while building new companies. She is the co-owner of Star Properties, a real estate investment project in Arizona. Her publishing company, Millennium Star Publishing is home to select niche titles and ghostwriting services for business people that want to become published, but lack the time to write. She is also president of Succeed With Style, a coaching firm that helps sales professionals become more successful through an awareness of personality styles. She is qualified to offer the DISC personality profile through Inscape Publishing and the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) through Consulting Psychologist Press. Her training courses, “How to make more sales in 7 easy steps” and “How to become the best enroller on the planet” incorporate these and other insightful assessments into their design.
Pat is a frequent speaker at insurance and sales events, has served on two insurance company advisory boards and is an MDRT member. She has been published multiple times in industry magazines such as Life Insurance Selling, Broker World, Benefits Selling, Senior Market Advisor, the NYLIC Review as well as other national sales publications. Her first book is now available through Millennium Star Publishing, “Succeed with Style – Make More Sales Faster.
Relating to people according to their personality style means you treat them the way they want to be treated. When you make a presentation geared toward your prospect's particular style, you’ll have a much better chance of gaining their cooperation and ultimately, making the sale.
Pat offers a candid look at the employee presentation with an emphasis on personality style awareness and adaptation. She explains the four employee styles and offers suggestions to help recognize, adapt and sell to each style. Readers come away with a fresh way to approach the next enrollment.

Employers' Point of View
Charles B. Lang - Founding President, 1st National Bank of East Liverpool and former President of the Ohio Community Bankers Association
Jim Ethier - Chairman of the Board and Chief Operations Officer - Bush's Beans

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