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Worksite Marketing - A Promise to Deliver
24 Industry Leaders Share Their Secrets...

How to turn voluntary benefits into visible results. A must read for agents, brokers, consultants, carriers, employers and HR executives.

What exactly is worksite marketing?  It is simply a delivery system. Marketing is a way to introduce a product or service to the marketplace and worksite defines the location. Therefore, anything marketed or sold at a place of business could qualify as worksite marketing.  One could worksite market chocolate-chip cookies during lunch hour in the parking lot of a manufacturing company.

Traditionally and in the insurance world, worksite marketing has meant the sale of voluntary insurance products and services to employees at their work location through the convenience of payroll deduction. But it is so much more than that. Worksite marketing is not only the delivery method, but also the promise to make that delivery. Unlike warm chocolate-chip cookies that can be unwrapped, sniffed and immediately enjoyed, insurance products do not offer instant gratification. We have nothing to give our buyers except a promise for future delivery in their time of need. They cannot show this promise off to their neighbors, drive it around town or wave it in their front yards. But unlike most things, our promise will never disappear. Even if we are not here to personally deliver on it, our promise persists.

This book was created to educate, encourage and promote the true meaning of worksite marketing, and to bring to light the enormous yet largely unseen impact of this industry niche. While each author explores the intricacies of his or her specialty, the common threads of sincerity and passion leap from every page.

After reading this book, you will come away with the knowledge needed to begin, rekindle or rethink your relationship with this powerful means of providing for others. If you are an agent, broker or carrier, you will learn how to improve and build upon your current practice. If you are an employer or human resource professional, you will come away with a high regard for the proficiency, professionalism and, most importantly, the heartfelt passion that these authors embody. This book, like worksite marketing, promises to deliver, and it honors that promise.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction  

  • What Is It That We Really Do? - Michael D. Perna

  • A Word From the Top - Marvin H. Feldman. CLU,ChFC, RFC

  • Winning At Worksite - Ronald Agypt                                                                        

  • Employers and Employees - Interviews                                                                                    

  • Get Ready, Get Set, Enroll - Tony Roberts                                                                                        

  • The Importance of Product Selection - Michael D. Perna                                                                  

  • The Carriers' Perspective - Charles C. Baggs, FLMI, ACS                                                                          

  • Life Matters - Robert H. Noe                                                                                                                       

  • Disability Insurance - Neiciee Durrence 

  • Critical Illness Insurance: Coverage That Can Save Your Life - Robert S. Shestack, CES                            

  • Demographics Say It’s Time For LTCI - Carroll S. Golden                                                                        

  • Limited Medical Plans - Jason Krouse                                                                                                                         

  • Wellness At Work - Marie J. Killian J.D.

  • Legal Plans - Robert L. Heston, Jr                                                                                                   

  • Discount Medical & Lifestyle Benefits low-cost, high-value products that work - Terry Tullo

  • Rounding Out the Benefits - Frank J. Dallago III                                                                                  

  • Total Benefits - TJ Gibb                                                                                                        

  • The Importance of Benefit Communication - Louis J. Pantalone                                                     

  • Building the “Dream Team” - Susan C. Bianco, CLU                                                                                  

  • Enrolling with Style - Patricia J. Redic                                                                                               

  • It Isn’t Sold Until it’s Enrolled - Christopher Bernardine Sr., CES                                                              

  • Enrollers – the Power Behind Employee Participation - Interviews                                         

  • How Technology Can Substantially Increase Worksite Sales - Jordan K. Nadel                       

  • The Rewards of a Core Benefits Enrollment - H. Chris Guckert                                                             

  • Worksite Administration – Best Practices - Jay Pettapiece & Marion Holloway                                       

  • The Service Samba - DC Redic                                                                                                 

  • Believe in Re-enrollments - Mark Petro                                                                                            

  • Time Well Spent - Patricia J. Redic

  • Afterword                                                                            

  • Author Directory      

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