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Anything short of a shopping list deserves the attention of a proofreader or copyeditor. There is no excuse for sloppy communication. Believe it or not, people make value judgments based on how you communicate. 

Corporate: Corporate documents, plan summaries, newsletters, marketing pieces, technical documents, websites, training and guideline manuals, magazine and book articles…

Individuals: Authors, publishers, students…books, manuscripts, school reports and college admission essays, websites, brochures and flyers…


5 Levels of Editorial Service:

Proofreading  - When your work is done and you need another set of eyes. For those between the typesetting and print process or anyone who wants their words polished to perfection.

What is Proofreading? Proofreading is the final stage of the editing process specifically to detect errors such as misspellings, typographical errors, quotation and formatting errors and mistakes in punctuation. All of your work should be proofread once it has gone through your other editing revisions.

It is difficult to proofread your own words because you are familiar with what it is ‘supposed to say’ that you may miss a lot of errors. And don’t count on your great aunt Agnes or neighbor to proofread for you. Someone not trained in proofreading may not see the errors because the mind shows what it is trained to recognize as correct and not necessarily what is.

If you are happy that your work is well structured, that all it needs is a quick scrub by a professional editor to make sure that there are no surface errors, proofreading is for you.

Copyedit or Light Edit- When your idea is well presented but you need help with grammar and continuity of style. For anyone concerned with coming across as well educated and well spoken.

What is Copyediting?
Copyediting includes everything in the proofreading process with a special focus on content, grammar and style errors. Your project will be checked for clear, concise, correct, consistent and comprehensible copy that allows your reader to understand, enjoy and retain interest in your work. We will:

  • Read and make suggestions for flow and consistency of style.

  • Make suggestions to improve the word choice and sentence and paragraph structure.

  • Check for run-on sentences, wordiness, awkward constructions and transitions, clichés, and passive voice.

  • Query you for proper copyright and trademark usage.

  • Check that abbreviations and acronyms are used correctly.

  • Check for spelling, punctuation, capitalization and grammatical errors.

Copy-editing does not involve re-writing. We work within the walls of your content and offer suggestions and queries when passages require attention. If you feel that you have included all the essentials, and that your idea is good, but that it’s important for you to shine, copyediting is for you.

Substantive Edit or Heavy Edit When your work requires attention to structure and presentation. For those willing to work with constructive criticism in order to achieve spectacular results. This type of edit involves a major reorganization of the work; short of a total rewrite. A heavy edit does not change your basic idea or premise, but does include everything else necessary to bring your work to perfection.

A Substantive edit includes all of the benefits associated with proofreading and copyediting plus we will:

  • Rearrange and rewrite paragraphs to improve clarity and flow of ideas.

  • Edit sentences to remove passive voice, ambiguous references, awkward transitions, and wordiness.

  • Insert suggestions regarding items such as misused technical words, inappropriate content or tone, major organizational problems, and awkward or confusing passages.

  • Remove words, paragraphs, even whole sections and chapters that aren’t doing their job.

Manuscript Evaluation When you have a finished work and need a trained professional to comment on your unique concern or application. A manuscript evaluation assesses your work before you actually publish your work. We offer suggestions concerning premise, structure, style, impact, audience and potential editing and proofing issues.

Ghostwriting When you have a great idea and need someone else to write for you. For those with time constraints or lack skills or interest but realize the value of becoming a published author.

You do not have to be a writer to be an author. Many books written today are actually ghostwritten by someone else. Our writers produce a manuscript, just for you, based on recorded telephone interviews with you along with any other printed information, outline or materials you care to provide. If you have an idea for a non-fiction book or article, but do not choose to write it yourself, Ghostwriting is for you.