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How to Market Yourself via Ghostwriting

An article, naming you as the author, published in a national trade publication provides a trustworthy sales message to the reading audience. 

You don’t have to be a writer to be an author.  

If you want a consistent and repeatable marketing technique that results in press about you, your company, and your specialty, ghostwriting is an unrivaled solution. You can present yourself in a non-promotional manner yet provide appropriate and useful information to your publication’s readers – your prospects.

Who Would You Contact? Imagine you are reading your industry’s most important trade journal because you have a specific need for a product or service. As you leaf through the pages you come across an obvious full page advertisement, laden with over-used, obscure promises. On the next two pages you find a well thought out, intelligently written article by an expert in your field that outlines clear and concise answers to your questions. Which one has more believability? Who would you call first?

Don't have time to write – lack the skills? - It’s simple and easy

  • Our initial telephone interview takes about 60 minutes.
  • Depending on the length of the article and the content, your time commitment averages four hours or less. A book will take more time.
  • We may request an outline from you or some current marketing pieces such as brochures and websites in order to fully understand your goal for the article or book.
  • You retain full copyrights. We are simply a “work for hire” relationship.

An ad in a specialty market insurance trade magazine offers this pricing:

Full page advertisement – 500 words - $5500 = $11 per word

Half  page advertisement – 250 words - $3500 = $14 per word

1/6 page advertisement – not enough words - $999.00 = waste of money

Anybody can pay the money to place an ad. But only somebody with experience, expertise and something to say takes the time to publish an article.

What does it cost? Our ghostwriting services are priced per job and not per word. You will be given a written proposal prior to the project so you’ll know exactly what to expect.

Consider These Uses. Advertising has a short shelf life. Many folks toss their magazines into the trash once they read them. But beyond the initial marketing and promotional advantages, your published article keeps working for you in the form of reprints.

  1. Trade Shows: If you have a list of attendees prior to the show, invite them to your booth by sending a reprint prior to the event, and include your booth number. Hand your reprints out in person at the show for added value.
  2. Direct Mail: Send reprints to prospects for an unusual and meaningful introduction.
  3. Follow up: Send a reprint to follow up a phone call, meeting, introduction, etc.
  4. Requests for Information or Proposals: Furnish a reprint with all of your correspondence.
  5. Point of Purchase: A reprint solidifies the buyer’s belief in you. It gives them something to take home.
  6. Websites: Make your books or article reprints available on your website for added and immediate credibility.

Get Started Now. As you can see, a ghostwritten article or book provides potential customers a credible solution from you, an industry expert. Ramp up your marketing strategy – attract attention, build your brand and let your prospects “find you” by authoring a book or offering ghostwritten articles to your specialized business publications.

If you need help to determine the right print media for your specific situation, please contact us at:

Not all ideas make for suitable articles or books.  If we feel that the potential is unlikely, we will tell you so and explore alternatives with you.