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Gain recognition as being the expert in your field.  

Let us create a custom book just for you and your company: 

  • You as the individual author we as the writers 
  • Multiple authors a collaborative event within your company or within your area of expertise we will write and coordinate the entire writing process for you.
  • Let us write an article just for you. Submit a well written article to your industry trade publications. We do the work You get the credit.

Did You Know?

Becoming a published author is the most powerful, life-long marketing tool available.   Being an author automatically says you are qualified.  A book opens doors of opportunity, helps you get more publicity, gives you the perfect client gift and creates an additional income stream.

Becoming an author enhances your reputation, expands your sphere of influence, helps establish your corporate identity, stimulates business, positions you as a leader in our industry, and gives you a fresh reason to attract media.  And guess what?   No one else can market an identical product.  So much for the competition.

How to Publish Your Articles

  1. Contact your trade magazines

  2. Ask them what they would like to see

  3. Offer them your idea/expertise

  4. Let us write your article based on a telephone interview with you

  5. Start receiving inquiries from interested readers and prospects

Niche Work - Our experience and expertise make us the perfect choice for your topics that include:

Sales and Selling All categories

  • Insurance

  • Real Estate

  • Customer Service
  • Coaching

  • Healthcare/Patient Safety

  • Teamwork

  • Management

  • Personality and Behavioral Style Awareness and Adaptation

  • American Indian Art

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